Top 10 Ultimate Tactical Survival Knives

Top 10 Ultimate Tactical Survival Knives

Best Tactical Survival Knives can provide you with all your survival requirements and get you through dangerous tactical situations. So here is our video on the Top 10 Best Tactical Survival Knives for your next adventure.

Best Tactical Survival Knives :

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00:00 – Introduction

00:58 – 10. Kershaw 1987 – RJ Tactical 3.0

01:52 – 9. Ontario Knife 499 Air Force Survival Knife

02:49 – 8. Gerber Prodigy Combat

03:45 – 7. Cold Steel 39LSWB Marauder Knife

04:45 – 6. 5.11 XPRT Tactical Knife

05:38 – 5. SOG SEAL Pup Tactical Knife (M37N-CP)

06:41 – 4. Benchmade – 980SBK Turret Knife

07:51 – 3. Schrade SCHF9

08:54 – 2. Buck Knives 0625BKS Intrepid L

09:58 – 1. KA-BAR Ek Model 5
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    I think I saw that one knife somewhere, Kershaw particularly…

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    Thumbnail knife name?????

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    Pretty decent list, I mean, I guess LOL πŸ˜ƒπŸ‘.

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    Sometimes I think these companies are just paying you to help promote their brand and a particular model that maybe isn’t moving well to boost sales numbers. Especially when companies like Shrade make the list EVERY time and that’s laughable to any REAL knife or "EDC" type.. You can also tell the lack of knowledge from the fella with not great English about knives in general when he says things like "Locking Liner" when referring to the lock. And premium AUS8πŸ˜†

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    I’m a Benchmade gal.